Investment Property Renovations

LandLord Renovations Inc. helps investors maximize their ROI by strategically upgrading rental suites, adding on new rental units, and ensuring the process is done legally and with renters in mind. We can counsel you through every stage of your renovation project including quoting, design proposal, permit applications, project management, supplier sourcing, and so much more! Big or small, we do it all.

Renovations Of Any Size

Improvements & Upgrades

Upgrade your kitchen or bathrooms to immediately add value to your rental property. Our team can help you through the entire process. 

renovated Massey street kitchen
renovated rental apartment

Use-Conversion & Additions

Dreaming of something big? No problem. We can help you with major structural changes and additions, including use-conversion, to maximize your rental income. 

How We Help

ROI Projections

During your free consultation, we will help you forecast your return on investment. Our portfolio below illustrates the positive cash-flow impact our renovations can have on your properties.  

Design Proposal

Our team will provide you with options for renovations projects with visuals and outlines of the scope of work. This puts you in control of your renovation. 

Permit Compliance

We’ll ensure that your renovation project complies with all relevant By-Law and Fire Safety standards, and we’ll obtain all necessary permits. 

Project Management

We’ll support you through the entire process and we’ll help you keep the project on track. No matter how big the project, we’ll take it from planning to completion.

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