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LandLord is more than a property management company; we are investment property experts with our own, full-service in-house real estate brokerage. Our expert team of experienced realtors help property investors through every stage of the real estate investment lifecycle. Having worked in Property Management for over 25 years, we have insights on when and where to buy, what to look for in a rental property, and how to strategically take your rental property to market. If you would like to start or expand your property investment portfolio, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. 

Strategic Property Investing

Intelligent Investing

The core of our business and our 25-year history revolves around property management. For that reason, we have gained many insights on tenant preferences and can easily identify high-opportunity rental properties. Whether by neighbourhood, property type, layout, or even finishes and style, we can help you estimate a properties CAP rate and cash flow. We know this market inside and out. So, when you want to purchase a rental property, we can help you maximize your return.

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Smart Selling

When it’s time to sell your investment property, our team of experts can help you get the best return on your investment by using strategic timing, pricing, and marketing. To start, we’ll share with you an in-depth market report to illustrate the opportunities and challenges involved in selling your unique property as well as our recommendations to most effectively promote and generate interest from other investors. Furthermore, our growing list of property investors is an excellent pool of potential leads we can notify as soon as your property is listed.

Property Portfolio Planning

The most important stage of property investing is planning. Maximizing the returns on your portfolio of properties require a strategic and thoughtful approach to buying, tenanting, and selling. We recognize the dynamism inherent to Toronto’s housing market. Let’s discuss how you can most effectively grow your portfolio today. Schedule a free strategy session now.

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Investor Insights

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