Livingstone Triplex

Design Build Project

Livingstone Triplex

Pre Reno Rent: $24,000/year
Post Reno Rent: $120,000/year
Project Cost: $1.2M
Property Value Increase: 91.67%

The Project

Our client envisioned Livingstone as an investment property designed to generate income for their retirement. They sought a property that would not only provide a steady stream of revenue but also appreciate in value over time. This vision guided our design and construction process, ensuring that every decision we made aligned with their long-term financial goals.

To achieve this, we focused on:

  • Modern Aesthetics: Each unit was designed with a contemporary aesthetic, featuring clean lines, large windows, and high-quality materials to attract good tenants.
  • Functional Spaces: We prioritized functionality, ensuring that each unit included versatile living spaces.
  • Neighborhood Integration: While maintaining a modern appeal, the design also embraced the comfort and familiarity of neighborhood living, creating a sense of community within the property.

Overall, the Livingstone project has been both a rewarding challenge and a significant value addition. Our client’s vision for a profitable, retirement-friendly investment property has been realized through thoughtful design and high-quality construction.

Post Renovation

Pre Renovation