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Design-Build Management

Purchase, redesign, and build the perfect multiplex investment property

Our expert design-build team can help you identify high-potential properties, negotiate ROI-oriented purchases, redesign, and manage the construction of your new investment property. Learn more below.

A complete design-build multiplex, a converted house with two levels and 3 mailboxes

Transform Your Rental Property


Bungalow / single-family home
Units: 1
Rent: $3,200


Modern, 3-unit multiplex
Units: 3
Rent: $9,300

Our Design-Build Process for Rental Property

Identifying opportunities

The first step in a full-scope multiplex design-build project is identifying the perfect property to develop. We can help you identify optimal property with desirable rental locations and zoning to match your needs.

Negotiating a purchase

With accurate, data-based projections of permit and construction costs and future rental revenue estimates, you can make confident, ROI-based offers on ideal listings.

Architectural design

When designing your multiplex, we keep several elements in mind to ensure effeciency and return. We’ll help you create highly-desirable, efficiently buildable, and beautiful rental property.

Construction management

We will acquire the necessary permits and assign the best talent to contruct your new multiplex. With minimal delays you can count on collecting rent in no time!

Property management

Finally, you can trust Toronto’s top property managmenet company to professionally lease your rental to the best fitting tenants and to manage a healthy tenancy.

What Makes Us Experts in Design-Build Transformations?

Overlapping property design build-skills

Our team consists of experts in property management and leasing, real estate investing, and rental property renovations. Combining those three masteries gives us a perspective and skill set that can manage a full-scope real estate investment project from start to finish.

Our Expert Design-Build Team

We are experts at design-build projects because our team is made up of professionals who have the skills and knowledge to make it happen. These are the key players.

an illustration of a real estate agent in glasses and a red shirt


Our realtors are experts in identifying great opportunities for property investing, especially those properties that have the potential for redevelopment as high-earning rentals.


Our in-house architectural and interior designers are specialized in multiplex development. We focus our energy on creating architectural drawings that acquire permits quickly, can be built affordably, and are desirable for your future tenants.

an architectural designer sitting at a laptop with plant beside her on a desk
an illustration of a construction manager wearing cloves and holding a clip board

Construction Managers

With expertise in project management and insightful knowledge of residential rental construction in Toronto, the construction managers on our team know how to keep a multiplex construction project on track, saving you time and money.

Property Managers

When your multiplex is constructed and ready to rent our leasing and property management teams will tenant your property with Toronto’s top tenants and maintain a healthy lease, ensuring your new multiplex is maintained for years.

an illustration of a property manager standing with his hands behind his back.

Leverage our full property management company

What makes us experts in Building Value is the overlap of our divisions and collaboration in our expertise. We approach each aspect of real estate investing, renovations, and leasing with all other aspects in mind. That means we can expertly identify investment opportunities with renovation and leasing potential. And we can renovate in a way that maximizes rental income and keeps your units tenanted with long-term resale in mind.

Design & Build a Multiplex

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