Lawrence Fourplex

Design Build Project

Lawrence Fourplex

Pre Reno Rent: $24,000/year
Post Reno Rent: $140,000/year
Rental Value Increase: 483.33%

The Project

Our client wanted to enhance their retirement savings through a wise investment in real estate. Originally, the idea was to construct a triplex. However, after conducting a feasibility study and analyzing the property lot size, we found that the land was suitable for a fourplex, offering the potential for greater returns.

This adjustment from a triplex to a fourplex required extra attention to local regulations, ensuring compliance with parking requirements, green space allocations, and standards for fire safety and accessibility.

Overall, this project was a resounding success. By transforming the initial triplex concept into a fourplex, we maximized the investment’s potential and aligned perfectly with our client’s retirement goals.

Post Renovation

Pre Renovation

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