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Know what’s going on in your property anywhere, at any time

Access all your rental property information anytime, anywhere. Our online portal securely stores your property’s data, providing a safe and efficient platform for managing all your real estate assets.

All Your Property’s Info. One Single Place.


Monitor your cash-flow and easily access your monthly financial statements online, at any time.


View, download, and manage all of your paid invoices in real-time, ensuring you have quick and convenient access to your financial records.


View all recent activity in your account, including payments, inspections, account balance, and more.


View property inspection reports complete with photos, and notes about the condition of your property.


View comments about suggested property improvements and repairs, while flagging tenant damage.


View or download your lease agreements, NR6 forms, rent increase notices, year-end statements, and insurance documents from any device.
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Financial reports and statements at your fingertips

What sets us apart is the seamless integration our portal offers with our data centers. This enables our clients to access real-time financial reports, generated directly from their property.

hands holding a tablet that shows a dashboard


In-house designed and built for property owners

Our client portal is proprietary and was designed with our clients’ needs in mind. What makes us unique is our commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that the portal evolves to meet the ever-changing requirements and preferences of our clients.

Committed To Improvement

Knowing that each day offers a chance to provide you with the best experience possible drive us forward.

Dedicated to Improvement

We are dedicated to enhancing our client’s experience.

Your Feedback Matters

Your valuable feedback and suggestions are pivotal to our progress.

A Welcome Co-Collaborator

We consider you not just a client but a valued partner in our quest for improvement.

Active Listening

We actively seek and listen to your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

A Better Experience

Together we can create a better experience to our clients, tenants and community.

Let us show you how owning a property can be a stress-free experience

Our team of real estate experts is always ready to help. For more information about our services or how to have your property or unit professionally managed schedule a free consultation.

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