Massey St – Main Floor Reno


Massey St Main Floor

Pre Reno Rent: $1,893.36
Post Reno Rent: $3,500.00
Rental Value Increase: 84%
Project Cost: $246,400.00
Return On Investment: 7.82%

The ball got rolling on this project when the main floor tenants advised that they were expecting a child and needed a different space for their growing family. They only had use of the main floor and our goal with this project was to combine the unused basement with the main floor. LandLord Renovations and the owner discussed an extensive scope of work, and, as with the Upper Unit that was renovated in 2015/2016, the floor plan and overall space were significantly changed. Our design team drafted up drawings and submissions for permits to the city.

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Added small walkout deck from the dining area
  • Added a laundry room with high efficiency washer and dryer
  • Added access to the basement (previously sealed off from the main floor)
  • New staircase with metal railing and glass partition wall
  • Full bathroom and bedroom added in the basement
  • New flooring throughout
  • New windows
  • Every room was relocated within the space for more functionality.


Included in the renovation was the addition of an extra gas meter to help the client save on future utility billing. A high-velocity heating system installed to take care of HVAC needs for the unit while keeping existing furnace for the upper unit.

Pre Reno Photos

Post Reno Photos