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Landlords with condos in their portfolio will agree that property management for condo units comes with several challenges and benefits. Here are a few things to consider if you own a condo as rental property.

Condo Units Property Management

What is a condo unit?

When we talk about a condo unit rental property, we mean a single unit within a large condominium building. Common areas are shared and managed by a homeowners’ association (HOA). Most condo units in Toronto are in large, high-rise buildings in the downtown core, but there are also all kinds of boutique buildings throughout Toronto.

What are the benefits of managing a condo unit?

If you are self-managing landlord handling the property management of a condo, you will find that condos can offer desirable amenities, such as pools or fitness centres, which can attract tenants. HOA management handles common area maintenance, reducing the individual responsibilities of you, the landlord.

What are the challenges of self-managing a condo unit?

HOA fees can be significant and impact overall profitability. Rules and restrictions imposed by the HOA may limit rental flexibility or require approval for certain actions. Furthermore, you will be required to work with concierge to arrange parking and access to the unit. As mentioned, above, most condos are located in the downtown core where access can be limited due to traffic and long commutes for some landlords.

Why outsource the property management of your condo unit?

Although your condo has a condo management company to handle things like maintaining the common areas and managing the buildings parking and landscaping, our property management team can assist you further by marketing your unit for lease, screening tenant applicant for the best fit, and responding to any issues within the unit, such as fixing appliances when required.

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Make Property Management for Your Condo Easy!

Our team at LandLord Property & Rental Management is equipped to help you with every aspect of property management for your condo. We can help you list and lease the unit to top tenants, manage a healthy tenancy with timely rent collection, and handle any issues that arise.

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