So You Own a Rental Property?

Owning a rental property in Toronto can be both rewarding and demanding. From tenant screening to maintenance and financial management, the responsibilities can quickly add up, leaving property owners feeling overwhelmed.

Partnering with one of the top property management companies in Toronto ensures your rental property management needs are met with expertise.

LandLord – Professional Management Services

With nearly three decades of property management expertise and business experience across Toronto, we understand the complexities of property ownership and know how to best maximize your returns. Our residential property management team at LandLord Property & Rental Management is dedicated to enhancing your investment’s value.

The Only Full-Service Property Management Toronto

One of the things that makes LandLord unique is the breadth of our services. Along with our Property Management Division, we also offer a full-service, investment-focused Real Estate Brokerage, and a Renovations Division.

We bring to the table a unique perspective that is informed by our years of experience in both the realty and property management industries.

Client-Centric Approach

We Prioritize Our Clients’ Interests Above All Else

We understand that each property and client is unique, which is why we offer a dynamic and customized experience tailored to our client’s specific needs and preferences.

Proactive vs Reactive

Our approach to rental/ investment property management is proactive. This means that we anticipate and address issues before they arise, providing peace of mind to property owners and investors. With LandLord Property & Rental Management, you can expect top-notch property management services in Toronto.

  • Strategic Property Acquisition:

We guide clients to select properties with strong market value, appreciation potential, and tenant appeal, making us a trusted partner for real estate investors looking to navigate the Toronto real estate market.

  • Renovation and Construction Services:

Our offerings ensure properties are not only visually appealing but also align with tenant preferences, facilitating tenant attraction and retention. This comprehensive approach to property rental and management ensures your investment remains competitive.

We work hard to find reliable tenants, reducing the likelihood of tenant-related issues, and enabling focus on other important aspects of a property. Our tenant selection process at LandLord Property & Rental Management is rigorous, ensuring smooth tenant relations.

  • Positive Tenant Relationships:

Our open communication and responsiveness foster tenant satisfaction, contributing to tenant retention, property maintenance, and long-term value.

Our Management Services

  • Property Repairs and Maintenance
  • Rent Collection
  • Tenant Placement (Property Advertising, Tenant Selection and screening, lease execution)
  • Tenant Management
  • Property Inspections (fall, spring, moving)
  • Non-Resident Tax Support
  • Paralegal Support
  • Almost 3 decades of experience, Cross-team expertise (collaborative feedback loop between teams and divisions), 24/7 support, rent guarantee, and more!

Our Renovation Services

  • Multiplex Design-Build
  • Value-added Renovations
  • Use Conversion and Additions
  • ROI Projections
  • Design Proposal
  • Permit Compliance
  • Project and Construction Management

Our Real Estate Services

  • Residential Real Estate Transactions (Sell and Buy)
  • Real Estate Portfolio Planning

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The Properties We Manage

  • Condos (suites)
  • Townhomes
  • Single-Family Homes
  • Multiplexes
  • Mixed-use (commercial property)

Need Help Managing Your Rental Property?

If the challenges of self-managing have become overwhelming, it’s time to entrust your properties to a professional management company. Connect with us today and discover how we can help!