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Our leasing team performs at a consistent success rate of over 99%. We measure success as a healthy tenancy. Less than 0.7% of our leases end in evictions or defaults. You can trust LandLord to lease your rental to top tenants.

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Easy 3-Step Leasing

1. We List & Market Your Rental Property

  • Consulting on Optimal Rental Rates
  • Professionally Photographing Your Rental
  • Marketing Your Property to Thousands of Tenants 
  • Listing Your Property on Multiple Listing Sites

2. We Screen Your Applicants

  • Receiving and Organizing Applications 
  • Screening Applications for Top Results

3. You Select Your New Tenants

  • Presenting The Best Applicants for Your Selection
  • Selecting the Most Suitable Applicant
  • Setting Up and Completing the Lease

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