The Danforth – Reno

Renovation Project

The Danforth

Pre Reno Rent: $732.00.00
Post Reno Rent: $1,800.00
Rental Value Increase: 146%
Project Cost: $61,115.00
Return On Investment: 30%

The Project

After nearly ten years in this unit, the tenant gave their notice to leave. After consulting LandLord Renovations Inc., the owner decided a modernized unit would increase the rental value of this cozy one-bedroom apartment in Greektown.

  • Demolition and disposal of kitchen flooring, cabinetry, appliances, washroom fixtures, old wall tiling
  • Removal and disposal of living room and bedroom flooring
  • New framing and drywall
  • New plumbing and electrical, including new lighting
  • Complete new kitchen with appliances
  • New laundry room with washer/dryer
  • Complete new bathroom with new tub and other fixtures
The Danforth Renovation Landlord Before The Danforth Renovation Landlord after

Post Renovation

Pre Renovation