Massey St – Upper Unit Reno


Massey St Upper Unit

Pre Reno Rent: $1411.10
Post Reno Rent: $3250.00
Rental Value Increase: 130%
Project Cost: $173,510.00
Return On Investment: 12.7%

Prior to the renovation, this property was tenanted by multiple roommates. The tenancy had endured from 2008 to 2015 and left the property in a significantly deteriorated condition. At the same time, the tenant was enjoying a significantly under-market value rental amount.

The unit definitely needed to be updated to participate in the higher market rental rates that Toronto was experiencing in 2015. Through discussion with the owner, LandLord Renovation Inc. put together an extensive scope of work to completely update the layout of the unit while also performing some structural changes.

  • Updated HVAC
  • Updated Plumbing
  • Updated Electrical
  • Completely relocated and remodeled kitchen
  • Main level bathroom relocated and remodeled
  • Relocated stairway to 2nd level loft floor built with metal railing and glass partition wall
  • Added a 2nd bathroom for the unit on the 2nd level loft floor
  • All new flooring throughout
  • All new appliances
  • All new cabinetry and fixtures
  • New Windows
  • New deck on the main level
  • New 2nd floor loft deck where none existed before

Pre Reno Photos

Post Reno Photos