Bay Street Condo Renovation

Renovation Project

Bay Street Condo

Pre Reno Rent: $2,383.00
Post Reno Rent: $2,950.00
Rental Value Increase: 24%
Project Cost: $94,000.00
Return On Investment: 7.24%

The Project

Condos on Bay Street between College and Gerrard vary on a huge spectrum. On one hand, you have the brand new buildings like the Lumiere at 770 Bay to the kind of new condos at college park at 761-763 Bay Street and then you have the golden girls at 711-717 Bay Street and 750 Bay Street.

Our client had a very large two-bedroom unit at 711 Bay Street that had been renovated a couple of years ago and some parts before that which didn’t give it a very cohesive look.

We were asked to do a budget-friendly upgrade to the suites which included a new kitchen with new appliances, new bathrooms, new laundry, flooring, removing the ever so annoying stucco from the ceiling, painting throughout with new light fixtures.

Our in-house designer consulted with the client to nail down the design choices while the client was in town and thereon it was done within the approved scope and budget.

Believe it or not but given how big this condo complex is, the biggest challenge while doing this project was getting rid of the garbage; the actual loading dock is so far from the elevator that even the security goes there in a modified golf cart! But all in all, we think the result made all the hard work worthwhile.

A kitchen with a light fixture

Post Renovation

Pre Renovation