1001 Bay – Condo Reno

Renovation Project

1001 Bay Condo

Pre Reno Rent: $1,175.99
Post Reno Rent: $1,725.00
Rental Value Increase: 46.7%
Project Cost: $36,526.76
Return On Investment: 18%

The Project

Our client advised us that he had bought a two-bedroom plus den condo on Bloor Street (Yonge and Bloor) for his younger daughter while she goes to UofT to earn her Bachelor’s degree. He asked that we get briefed by his daughter as to what she wanted in her master suite as well as the look in the rest of the condo.

We were advised to follow a New York loft vibe with exposed brick and black accents throughout. We opened up the kitchen, gave it an industrial look with open shelves. We painted the entire windows black from the inside and since her favourite colour was green, that is how we did the living room.

She asked for a large niche over the bathtub plus a walk-in closet with shoe racks which we took care of. She had 3 friends live with her in the other bedroom as well as the den.

Overall a fun project plus a lot of value addition done for when our client sells if his daughter decides she wants to move on to follow other pursuits.

Post Renovation

Pre Renovation