Residential home painting can be a strategic way to add value to your home

After spending a couple of years abroad for work, the time has come to return home. Yet, you desire to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank. So, what are your options?

We’ve diligently managed the property discussed in this article for our clients for several years. Despite the tenants’ care and our regular inspections, the effects of time, environmental factors, and aging became apparent.

When our long-term clients expressed their desire to return to their property and revitalize it, they entrusted us with a simple yet impactful mission: to make it feel like “home” again but without major upgrades.

The house, a charming single-family home spanning 1914 square feet with a furnished basement, possessed inherent beauty. However, its current color scheme failed to showcase the property’s full potential.

Our approach was to strategize how  painting, alongside minor upgrades, could breathe new life into the space and infuse it with a fresh appeal. Key to this transformation was selecting the right colors and determining how and where to use them to enhance the property’s aesthetics.

Color Placement on Walls and Ceilings: Paint Colors for Home

Just as the patterns and colors of clothing can influence how tall or slender someone appears, the choice of colors on walls and ceilings can significantly impact the perceived size of a room or space.

Once the color is agreed on, it’s important to consider its effect on spatial perception. Typically, painting the walls a lighter color than the ceiling creates the illusion of higher ceilings and a more spacious room. Conversely, opting for darker walls can make the space feel cozier but also smaller.

Considering our clients’ desire for brightness and space, we decided to give the house a “whitewash”. The results were incredibly amazing, and to be honest, it just looked like a whole new property.

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The Bottom Line

The power of paint cannot be underestimated. When planned and executed strategically, a property can undergo remarkable revitalization with it.

Whether for personal enjoyment or future resale, investing in painting can yield tangible benefits, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and financial value of a home. Ultimately, the choice is clear: a well-painted home holds greater allure and potential for current residents and prospective buyers or renters alike.

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