Building Name: Livingstone α5 | Building Location: Toronto, Ontario
Building Type: Multi-Family/Triplex | Project Completion Date: May/2024

Project Overview

In the Livingstone α5 project, we aimed to create a modern and appealing three-unit residential rental property. Designed to offer a blend of neighbourhood and condominium-style living, this property emphasizes functionality and modernity. The project’s key highlights include:

Multiplex Layout

Most of our projects, focus on building up four two-level apartments within the same structure. We also prioritize layouts with either two bedrooms plus a den or three bedrooms.

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We designed Livingstone α5 with the following layout:

  • Lower Level: This unit features 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a private walkout.
  • Main Floor: Offering 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this is a two-level unit that includes a portion of the basement that can be used as a recreational area.
  • Upper Unit: This unit features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


  • All units are designed with balconies or decks to provide outdoor space.
  • Front and back-facing windows are incorporated into each unit to optimize natural light, air circulation, and passive heating/cooling.
  • Sound insulation measures have been implemented throughout to ensure comfort and privacy for residents.
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Our Approach to Multiplex Construction

At LandLord, our approach to multiplex construction involves the transformation of older single-family bungalows into modern multi-unit properties.

Our unique methodology centers on maximizing land usage through vertical and rearward expansion, rather than lateral expansion. This strategy allows us to create appealing family-sized homes suitable for small families or young professionals.

Overview of the Multiplex Construction Process

The construction of this multiplex property – Livingstone α5 – proceeded smoothly overall. Design and approvals took 6 months, and construction took 8 months. On-site construction was divided into the following phases: footing and foundation, framing, rough-in, insulation and drywall, sealing and finishes.

Despite the smooth progression of our project, we encountered a few minor bumps that added a touch of complexity to the journey.

Challenge 1: Existing Property’s Width Exceeding Permit Limit

The existing property’s width surpassed the permitted size for the lot. If we opted for a complete demolition, we would have risked having to retract the space and lose valuable building area.

  • Solution: Instead of a full demolition, we retained two existing walls. This allowed us to classify the project as a Major Renovation rather than a New Build, and by doing that we could preserve the entire existing construction area.

Challenge 2: Projected Length Exceeding Existing Property’s Length

A new challenge emerged as we projected a property slightly longer than the existing one, requiring additional approvals to extend the construction area.

  • Solution: We appealed to the Committee of Adjustments, stating that the increased length would utilize space from the backyard without impacting adjacent houses. The appeal was approved, permitting us to proceed with our construction.

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The Key Skills Involved in Multiplex Construction

Multiplex Construction doesn’t begin with the first shovel in the ground. Involving key construction members at every stage of the project was extremely important to achieving a successful outcome with minimal disruptions.

As a full-service company, we have a team with all the essential skills. Our comprehensive approach enables us to streamline our processes, expedite construction timelines, and anticipate and mitigate potential challenges.

Construction management process flow chart


From property acquisition to construction, we carefully managed every aspect of the project for smooth progress.

Our focus on non-traditional layouts and desirable amenities (like private walkouts or decks) ensures our rental properties appeal to tenants and meet their evolving needs.

As we continue designing and building Multiplexes across Toronto, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality and comfortable living spaces.


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