Finding a new place to live and moving is one of the most stressful and costly tasks we have to do as renters in Toronto. Finding a perfect place, getting your background information organized, packing, moving, and setting up all your furniture takes time, money, and our mental, emotional, and physical energy. Read on to learn how different the experience can be when you rent a furnished apartment.

Benefits of Renting Furnished 

You can make that process way easier by choosing to rent furnished. Here’s our list of reasons renting furnished is the way easier option:

Easy move-in

The best part of renting out a furnished apartment is the incredibly easy move. That’s simply because the only thing you have to move-in, is you. You can arrive at your new unit with a little luggage, and that’s it. No heavy lifting, literally.

Affordable move

With no hassle of moving, there’s no cost of moving. You don’t need to hire a truck or hire movers to move your furniture. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to buy your friends pizza and beer to bribe them into helping you move.

Move-in quickly

Again, the move is so easy with a furnished rental! You won’t need to spend weeks packing and an entire weekend moving, and then several more weeks organizing and decorating your new apartment. All of that is done for you with a furnished apartment.

Fully inclusive

Everything is set up for you. That includes hydro, internet, TV, office space, and more. You get one bill from your landlord, and that’s it. Fully furnished rentals are the easiest way to rent in Toronto.

Move-out easily

Moving out of a furnished apartment is just as easy as moving in. There is no need to change your hydro bills, internet, or other subscriptions. There is also the added ease of not having to worry about packing up all the beautiful furniture you enjoyed during your stay.

Cheaper than a hotel

We will note in the drawbacks section below the price difference in furnished rentals compared to unfurnished rentals. However, in comparison to the nightly price of an average hotel, you will save hundreds of dollars.

Feels like home

For some renters, this is the most important advantage of renting a furnished suite as appose to staying at a hotel. Hotels are well equipped with amenities and usually have diners and restaurants within or nearby. But a furnished apartment will have your own kitchen and living space within the unit. Having the option to cook makes a big impact on how at home you will feel.

Drawbacks of Renting Furnished 

We have established that renting a fully furnished apartment in Toronto is a very smooth and easy solution. However, there are some disadvantages as well.


When you’re renting a furnished suite, you’re not just renting the suite itself, but the furniture as well. This can significantly increase the price of the apartment. In exchange for the simplicity and ease, you will be paying a premium.


This one is pretty obvious and straight forward. If you have all the furnishings and plan on bringing them to Toronto, then there’s no point in renting furnished because you’ll be stuck storing them. This, as well, will increase your monthly cost of renting.

When to Rent a Furnished Apartment

Renting a furnished apartment can be an easy, stress-free option under the right circumstances. The best case would be that you are planning a temporary stay in Toronto, for more than a month, and less than a year. As mentioned above, the price of furnished rentals will be higher than unfurnished, but still normally lower than renting a hotel room.

If you are interested in renting short term, furnished apartments in Toronto, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.