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Managing Your Properties Has Never Been Easier

With over 28 years of experience, we specialize in property management services for residential properties in Toronto and in the GTA.

Full-Service Approach: Invest, Lease, and Manage Investment Properties Across Toronto – all in one place.

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Attract High-Quality Tenants

Leverage our proven tenant screening process, consistently drawing top-tier tenants. With over 28 years of experience, we find the highest quality individuals to occupy your property.

Access to Local Experts

Tap into our local expertise across all property management facets. With years of navigating our community’s housing market, gain invaluable insights and guidance.

Unlock Your Property's Hidden Potential

Experience more than traditional property management with us – unlock enhanced value. Partner with experts committed to elevating your investment property.
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Frustrated With One-size-fits-all Property Management Solutions?

Experience personalized service that caters to your unique needs and goals, ensuring your properties are managed exactly how you deserve.


Boutique Service for all Your Property Needs

Experience boutique-style service for your rental properties! Whether you’re a property investor seeking seamless management or a homeowner relocating for work or overwhelmed with self-managing, entrust us with your residential property needs.

4 building types in a wheel showing a townhouse, condo, multi-unit and single family


We Manage Residential Properties

We manage all types of residential properties!

a Single Family Property
Single Family
Standalone residential structure designed to house a single family or household.
    A condo building
    A unit within a condominium building, typically individually owned and managed collectively with shared amenities.
      a Townhouse Property
      A multi-level residential dwelling that shares walls with neighboring units, often featuring private entrances and outdoor spaces.
        A multi-unit building with 4 units, 2 storey
        A building containing multiple separate residential units, such as apartments or duplexes, often managed as a single property.
          a Multi Unit Property
          A building or development that combines residential and commercial spaces, allowing for both living and business activities within the same structure.


            Experience peace of mind knowing that we're not just managing your property; we're partnering with you to maximize returns and nurture your investment for long-term success.


            Are Vacancies Eating Into Your Profits?

            With our strategic marketing and tenant screening processes, we ensure your units are consistently occupied by high-quality tenants, maximizing your rental income.

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            Get Your Rent Payments On Time

            Say goodbye to chasing payments. Our efficient rent collection system ensures you receive your rental income promptly and hassle-free.


            Easily Navigate the Complex Landlord-tenant Laws, and Property Regulations

            Rest easy knowing we stay up-to-date with all legal requirements, ensuring your properties remain compliant and minimizing your risk of costly legal issues. We will constantly update you on new regulations, taxes, and more, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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            We Relieve You of the Hassles of Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

            From routine inspections to emergency repairs, we guarantee year-round maintenance for your properties. Our proactive approach includes comprehensive inspection programs throughout the year to prevent issues before they occur.


            Gain Clear Insight into Your Finances and Property's Condition

            Gain clarity and full transparency through our client portal. Access your property inspections and financial reports, easily track your property income, expenses, profits and more!

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            Simplify Your Property Management Experience With Our All-in-one Approach

            From property management and leasing to real estate services, investment selling, and construction and renovations, we handle it all under one roof. Enjoy seamless integration of services, saving you time and ensuring your properties reach their full potential.


            All Your Team in One Place

            We have the essential team for your entire property journey, covering everything from investment, building, and designing to managing and all things in between.

            an illustration of a real estate agent in glasses and a red shirt


            Our realtors are experts in identifying great opportunities for property investing, especially those properties that have the potential for redevelopment as high-earning rentals.


            Our in-house architectural and interior designers are specialized in rental properties. We focus our energy on creating architectural drawings that acquire permits quickly, can be built affordably, and are desirable for your future tenants.

            an architectural designer sitting at a laptop with plant beside her on a desk
            an illustration of a construction manager wearing cloves and holding a clip board


            With expertise in project management and insightful knowledge of residential rental construction in Toronto, the construction managers on our team know how to keep our construction projects on track, saving you time and money.


            When you are ready to rent, our leasing and property management teams will tenant your property with Toronto’s top tenants and maintain a healthy lease, ensuring your renal property is well maintained for years.

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            What Our Clients Say

            CONTACT US

            Simplify & Elevate Your Property Journey with LandLord

            Ready to take the next step towards maximizing your property’s potential? Schedule a call with us now to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals!

            During Our Discovery Call, We’ll Explore:

            • Your current property management challenges
            • Your goals and objectives for your rental properties
            • Any specific requirements or preferences you have
            • How our services can be customized to address your needs
            • Next steps to move forward in achieving your property goals
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            Get In Touch

            Frequently Asked Questions

            How long have you been managing properties?

            We have been managing properties since 1995. Learn more about us and how it all started.

            What will my role be in choosing tenants for my property? Can I accept or reject tenants?

            Once we believe we have found a good applicant, we will send you an e-mail with a summary of the applicant’s information. We will not move ahead with placing a tenant without your approval.

            However, it is important to bear in mind the laws and guidelines surrounding when it is okay for a landlord to reject a tenant applicant – there are only a small number of reasons for which it is okay to say “no” to an applicant.

            For more information about this subject, please visit:

            What areas or locations do you provide property management services in?

            We typically offer services in Toronto and the GTA area, but we can discuss managing properties in other locations as well. Here you can see all current cities we serve.

            How much can I rent my property for? Who decides the listing price?

            To determine your property’s rental value, our Leasing Department will look at comparable listings and take into consideration factors such as size, location, area, amenities, upgrades, and current market trends in order to determine how much your unit can be leased for. Our goal is always to maximize your profit while attracting the best possible tenants. Once the research is complete, our Leasing Department will make a recommendation to you for final approval.


            Feel free to utilize our free rent increase calculator for 2024 to get an estimate of your rental increase for the upcoming year.

            What else sets you apart from other property management companies?

            Firstly, one of the things that makes LandLord unique is the breadth of our services. Along with our Property Management Division, we also offer a full-service, investment-focused Real Estate Brokerage, and a Renovations Division.

            Furthermore, another thing that sets us apart is our thorough and detailed Client Intake Process. We on-board our clients using a specially-made method that is exclusive to LandLord.

            Additionally, we offer numerous specialty services that were designed with our clients in mind, such as our custom-built online Client Portal and our dedicated, in-house Tenant Screening Department.

            What types of properties do you manage?

            We manage all residential property types, including single-family homes, condo suites, townhouses, and multi-residential units. We also manage mixed-use (i.e., made up of both residential and commercial units) properties.

            25 Property Management Lessons Learned

            We look back on the many lessons learned through mishaps, mistakes, and oversights. Thankfully, we’ve made blunders that have helped us grow into an established and trusted property management company. Learn from our mistakes and enjoy insightful, and sometimes humorous, lessons in our blog post LandLord Lessons – 25 Lessons Learned in 25 Years of Property Management