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Whether you’re purchasing your first property or adding to an existing portfolio, it’s important to formulate a clear and effective strategy towards making your new investment a successful one. We’re here to help. Our team of expert realtors have what it takes to get you where you want to be.

Types Of Investment Property

condo investment property


These have a moderately low cost of entry and are often low-maintenance, but often come with hefty condo fees and can be tough to cash-flow. They attract renters of above-average quality but can be seen as short-term accommodations for many, resulting in higher turnover.

Rowhouse, a landlord favourite


These have a mid-to-high cost of entry and generally low upkeep costs, with mid-range price volatility and mid-to-high level appreciation prospects. They attract renters of above-average quality and have mid-level turnover rates.

single-family home

Single-Family Home

These have a high cost of entry and can have high, but relatively infrequent upkeep costs, with low price volatility and high-level appreciation prospects. They attract renters of varying qualities but have low turnover rates.



These have a high cost of entry and high carrying costs with very low price volatility and strong appreciation prospects. Turnover rates and quality of tenant attracted vary widely by property and area, but can be stabilized through multiple income producing units.

Things To


A good investment starts with a good financial foundation. When considering a new investment property, it is critical to consider the initial investment amount, affordability range, financing, and start-up costs. With Landlord Realty, we’ll help crunch the numbers to maximize your profit. To get a better idea of what to expect when purchasing an investment property, check out our Land Transfer Tax Calculator.

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