What investment vehicles deliver 10-16% ROI?

A new section of our redesigned website shows off our remodeling work, which we typically perform as a value-boosting measure in advance of advertising a unit for rent.

Owners of condo rental units commonly enlist our remodeling services in order to keep pace with the newer builds, which hit the market with high rental values reflective of sparkling-new in-suite amenities.

We’ve found that, coupled with typically better locations and more generous square footage, a smartly remodeled older condo can actually go toe-to-toe with newer units, if not outpace them altogether.

Take for example a Yorkville condo that was bringing in $1200/month in rent. We modernized the kitchen, refurbished the bath and beautified the living spaces. The unit was quickly rented for $1850, and afforded the owners a tidy 16% return on their investment. What other investment vehicles deliver 10-16% ROI?