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How do we give landlords more time?

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LandLord makes it easy for you to spend more time doing what you love without having to worry about your rental property. Our experienced team of property management professionals can help with securing new tenants, collecting rent, repairs and maintenance, bill payments and more, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Plus, you can conveniently monitor your property’s finances and inspection reports from anywhere, via our online portal. With LandLord, your rental property is in good hands.

Rediscover Long Weekends and Vacations

With a team of over 25 property managers and a dedicated 24/7 emergency response department, we are always available to your tenants. That means when issues arise at your rental property, your tenants call us, not you. Take a long weekend, go on vacation, or make big plans. With LandLord, you won’t be called back to your investment property in an emergency. In fact, our many international clients trust us to manage their properties even though they live thousands of kilometres away! So, book that trip you’ve been dreaming of. Leave the property management to us.

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See our time-saving solutions

Leasing & Sale

Our team of leasing experts and Realtors can guide you through the process of listing your property for lease or for sale to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your property.

Tenant Screening

When leasing a property, we receive a lot of tenant applications. Fortunately, our team can quickly screen and identify the most qualified tenants and provide you with a detailed summary to review.

24/7 Response

We have a full team of property managers ready to step up and help when needed. That’s how we can offer our tenants 24/7 response. We’re always happy to help.

Property Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is necessary. Not only does it keep your tenants happy and safe, but it supports the property’s value over time. Through a combination of recurring inspections and rapid response to maintenance requests, it’s all taken care of.

Renovations & Upgrades

Our renovations team specializes in uncovering and accessing the hidden value in your investment properties. We help clients add units, upgrade kitchens and bathrooms, convert houses into multi-residential buildings, and more.

Financial & Property Reporting

No need to maintain a cumbersome filing system at home. Everything you need is accessible through our online portal. You can view financial statements and invoices paid, property reports, photos, and track updates from anywhere on any device.

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