Average Rent in Toronto

Average Rent Toronto

How much is rent in Toronto?

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There are several factors that can affect the rental income of your property including property type, number of bedrooms, washrooms, and plus-ones, as well as the size, location, and several other details. However, the number of bedrooms is a strong indicator of the rental value of a property. The correlation between number of bedrooms and listing price is driven by the fact that bachelors and one-bedroom units attract single people and 2 bedrooms or more can attract couples and roommates, increasing the household income.

Average Rent by Bedrooms

The following dashboard is focused on the number of bedrooms to give you an overview of Toronto’s rental market. You can see the current average listing price by number of bedrooms as well as a time series of average listing price by month.

The number of bedrooms alone is not enough to calculate an accurate listing price for your rental property, however, it is likely that you can charge within $500 of the average shown below. For a more accurate assessment, fill in the fields in the form below.

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Average Listing Price

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Average Rent by Month

Average listing price by number of bedrooms and month over the past year

To generate this real-time report, our team collects data on ‘for rent’ property listings on the Toronto MLS, removes outliers including properties with over 4 bedrooms, properties listed for over $15,000, and properties listed under $750. We update the data twice daily, therefore, the average rent for the current month will change with new data. Hover over the datapoint on the line graph to view the number of listings that were used in the calculation.

Please note that this tool is designed to offer analytical insight on the Toronto condo market and is not designed to generate a listing price for your unique condo unit. For a more a personal assessment of your property, contact us.

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